Using Physical Security Keys to Protect Your Accounts

Security Keys

I’ll always remember the day I created my first mail account. Fine, I lied! I don’t recall which day it was. I also can’t say the exact year. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I made mistakes. I had no idea I had to secure my mailbox. I quickly selected a password which was easy to remember. I later learned that a password made of 6 small letters is no good. I learned this the hard way 🙁 My account got compromised. Spammers used it to send unsolicited messages and also I became registered for many unwanted services. The good news is that at the time I was still in school, and the...

CMS Security Summit with Google

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This post was originally published on the SiteGround blog. I decided to also publish it on my own site. I believe that this way more people will get involved and together we can improve the security of all CMS platforms. I plan to update this post with important information in case it can be shared with the public.