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Let’s face it – starting a business is hard. On top of this business owners have to survive the tech storm which hits them when they have to deal with software, web hosting, SEO, performance optimizations, cloud solutions, security and many many more. For most people, this is close to impossible especially if they are not tech savvy.

This feels like participating in the super-G without ever skiing in your entire life. Sounds familiar? I bet it does and it sure is something most small and medium-sized businesses ignore, postponing the inevitable. I bet on this because I’ve seen it happen multiple times and even businesses that have big teams made of developers and system administrators are struggling to cope with all the new technologies and cloud solutions out there. The good news is that you are not alone and I’ll be glad to help you out in case you let me.

OK. Enough chit-chat. Most of you are already thinking “What can you do for me and how much will it cost me?”. There are no simple answers to those questions and there is no free lunch/beer. However, when you are in a pub, and you meet an interesting person very often you may end up speaking to this person for a couple of hours. As a matter of fact, I do this all the time, and I see such conversations as investments. Talking to business owners about their technical problems and challenges has always been something I enjoy. Thus, I will be glad to dedicate a couple of hours of my time and see what I can do for you. The best thing is that sharing knowledge is free and a conversation has never hurt anybody. Here is a list of things I love talking about and will gladly discuss with you:

Cloud Adoption Consultation

Nowadays many people use legacy software products. In case you do this too, and you want to migrate to a modern cloud product ping me. I’ll be glad to discuss with you your needs and try to guide you find the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

Web Hosting Solutions Architectures

We live in the cloud computing era and there are new cloud services that appear every day. If your job is not constantly building hosting solutions then most probably you are not aware of exciting new tools and technologies which you can use and implement in your organization. If you want to learn more about how to engineer your cloud architecture ping me and let’s talk about serverless, virtualization solutions, security, scalability, high availability and many many more.

Application Performance and Monitoring/Observability

One of the most common problems I see (especially when talking about e-commerce platforms) is application/site performance and optimizations. If you have a slow site which struggles when Black Friday or another big event is around the corner, then you definitely need to talk to an expert. Improving your site’s performance is not easy, but nowadays there are tons of tools which can help you do this in just a few weeks. Solving performance issues is never easy but the first step to solving an issue is acknowledging there is one.

Web Security Solutions

Security has always been a touchy-feely subject. People either don’t want to talk about it, or they think it is super expensive to do it properly. I personally think security is not about certifications and/or expensive technical solutions. I think the best foundation for achieving good security levels is changing your mindset. I’ll be glad to help you do this.

Conferences/Events Participation

I am passionate about sharing knowledge and I believe going to conferences is a great way to do this and meet new people. If you agree and you want to make the best out of conferences let me know. As an events veteran, I will be glad to help you.


How do you know you can trust me? I am the Chief Enterprise Solutions Architect @SiteGroun. My job is to engineer and build solutions for many different types of businesses. This includes but is not limited to e-commerce platforms, big online media publishing companies, and innovative tech startups. Learn about the SiteGround enterprise solutions that we create at:

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Cheers and I hope to hear from your soon!