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AWS Community Day Sofia 2019

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The AWS cloud services are on the rise. The global AWS community is also growing. This is a fact and it was proven last Saturday (11.May.2019) in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was the second AWS Community Day. Over 500 people gathered to learn more about AWS and share ideas and experience. There are many such events around the world. This one, however, was unique for me because it was my first AWS conference in my country 🙂 I go to many conferences around the world (and sometimes I present) because of my awesome job at SiteGround (we’re hiring). Sadly, I’ve been to just several...

Using Physical Security Keys to Protect Your Accounts

Security Keys

I’ll always remember the day I created my first mail account. Fine, I lied! I don’t recall which day it was. I also can’t say the exact year. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I made mistakes. I had no idea I had to secure my mailbox. I quickly selected a password which was easy to remember. I later learned that a password made of 6 small letters is no good. I learned this the hard way 🙁 My account got compromised. Spammers used it to send unsolicited messages and also I became registered for many unwanted services. The good news is that at the time I was still in school, and the...

CMS Security Summit with Google

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This post was originally published on the SiteGround blog. I decided to also publish it on my own site. I believe that this way more people will get involved and together we can improve the security of all CMS platforms. I plan to update this post with important information in case it can be shared with the public.

SiteGround #TenYearChallenge


“Has it really been 10 years since I started working for SiteGround? The calendar is never wrong so I guess it must be true. I have to write something about those last 10 years (f**k I still can’t believe it).” The above is a good summary of my thoughts during the last couple of months. It’s hard to write about my own past. It really is because this is the third time I sit in front of a computer to write a post and every time: I just don’t know where to start. I get hit by a storm of feelings. I start asking myself “What if I did this other thing…” questions. I ask myself what is the purpose...